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All   Woman   please    this  “What   Is   Man”

[ The   1st   time  ,  some one   has   thought  and  explained    something   good   for   men   also….. !!


Ⓜ Who   is   a   MAN

❗ A   man   is   the   most   beautiful   part   of   God’s   creation.

❗ He   sacrifices   his   chocolates?   for    his   sister.

❗ He   sacrifices   his   dreams  ?for   just   a   smile   on   his   parents’   face.

❗ He   spends   his   entire   pocket   money ? on   buyng   gifts ? for   the   lady  ? he   loves? just   to   see   her   smiling  .

❗ He   sacrifices   his   full   youth   for   his   wife   &   children ?  by   working   late   at   night without   any   complaint.

❗ He   builds  ?their   future   by   taking   loans   from   banks   &  repaying   them   for   lifetime.

❗ He   struggles   a   lot   &   still   has   to   bear   scolding  from   his   mother , wife   &  boss.

❗ His   life   finally   ends   up   only   by   compromising   for   others’   happiness.?

If   he   goes   out ,  then   he’s   careless

If he stays at home, then he’s a lazy

If   he   scolds   children , then   he’s   a   monster

If   he   doesn’t   scold,   then   he’s   a   irresponsible   guy

If   he   stops   wife   from   working,   then   he’s   an   insecure   guy

If   he   doesn ‘t   stops   wife   from   working,  then   he’s   somebody   who   lives   on   wife’s   earnings ❓ 

If   he   listens   to   mom ,  then   he’s   mama’s   boy

If   he  listens  to   wife ,  he’s   wife’s   slave

Respect   every   male   in   your   life . You   will   never   know   what   he   has   sacrificed   for  you .

Worth   sending   to   every   man   to   make   him   smile   &  every   woman   to   make   her   realize   his   worth!!

Which never comes..???

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