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10″ Silly Habits That Seem Insignificant slowly ruin relationship” s

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10 Silly Habits That Seem Insignificant but Slowly Ruin Relationships

There are many small habits that a person has that annoy people around them. They might seem trivial and insignificant, but in the long run, they can destroy a lot of things. Everyone has triggers, and their patience for every trait varies. We have jotted a list that can damage and eventually destroy of relationship in the long run.

Check if you have been carelessly doing any of these:


If you repress your feelings and do not talk about them with your partner, there are chances that they will start to pile up. And one day, after piling up for a long time you will burst. This brings a feeling of resentment, slowly chipping at your relationship and eventually ending up in a massive fight that is confusing in nature – considering there are so many unresolved feelings and complaints. It is never a wise idea to operate like this, so it is imperative that you process what it is that is bothering you and you communicate it to your part as soon as possible instead of letting it build up into a monster.


When you do not voice your opinions and what you are thinking, that can give a wrong image to your partner. Their expectations will be built around what you show and say to them. They will form a different perception of who you are, and when that false image breaks – that will lead to disappointments. So do not agree with something your partner has to say to avoid conflict, because in the long run that will only create problems and emotional pain. Honesty is the best policy.


It is good to have humor in your relationship, as it keeps your relationship alive and fun. But there is a fine line that should not be crossed. There are times when humor should not be used, and the matter should be taken and dealt with seriousness. Joking around can very quickly turn into mocking and lead to a lot of resentment. One should know what to say and what not to say because saying something offensive at the wrong time could trigger a past bad experience or hit where it hurts. It will not be taken as a joke at that time. Modesty needs to be practiced in accord with all your traits.


You cannot be irrational and emotional all the time. We cannot have what we want and when we want it. Throwing tantrums like a child will not get you anywhere, it will just annoy your partner. Developing some maturity is necessary for an adult relationship. You have to accept things the way they are instead of complaining all the time. This creates an atmosphere or negativity and never being happy with anything, this will eventually lead to your partner giving up and not trying at all.


Same goes for giving your partner the ‘silent treatment.’ It is another negative way to deal with things and just because it is passive does not make it any better. Inducing guilt in your partner will only harvest negative feelings, and that is not what you want to have in a happy and content relationship. If you are angry at your partner, you need to tell them why and address the issue straight up. Making your partner feel guilty for long periods of time and doing it, again and again, can cause a rift between you two. Communication is the healthiest way to deal with a problem in a relationship.


Many people have the habit of creating a scene, and whenever they do – the love an audience. Some individuals do not understand that dealing with the private matter in public will not lead to a good result and will create embarrassment for your partner. You do not need other people to interfere in your relationship because that tends to cause many problems.


You cannot love someone if you don’t love yourself. It is the same as – you cannot pour out of an empty jug. If you do not feel happy and content with yourself how will you give you to someone else? If you are not aware of your own needs and do not stay mentally and physically healthy, there is no way that you can give to someone else. Even if you manage to be there for someone, it will not be of quality.


This habit destroys a relationship all on its own. No one wants to be stalked or constantly tell people where they are and what they are doing. Giving justifications and answering questions all the time can be very exhausting. This shows that your partner does not trust you and does not want to give you space. If your relationship is not based on trust, then your foundations are weak, to begin with.


Hurting someone with the truth is better than lying to someone to keep their heart. In the long run, they are bound to find out the truth, and it will hurt them more at that time. If this keeps repeating over and over again, these lies pile up and crumble away your relationship. You reach a point where your relationship is no long salvageable.


Just because your relationship starts with you certainly does not mean that it needs to end with you also. One should cater to their own needs, but that does not mean that the universe should revolve around you. Your partner needs to know that you do not prefer yourself and your needs before everyone else’s and theirs. If you are self-centered and selfish, no one will be able to cater to you for long as any relationship is a two-way road.

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