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Capital Gains Calculations simplified with MProfit


If you are looking for the most accurate and easy way to calculate your capital gains, you have come to the right place. If you invest in stocks, traded bonds or equity/debt mutual funds, you likely need to calculate capital gains for your intra-day, short-term and long-term investments. MProfit helps make this calculation process effortless for you.

You simply need to import a digital contract note received from your broker or mutual fund statement into MProfit and our software will take care of the rest! MProfit follows the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) method for calculating capital gains and also adjusts capital gains calculations based on corporate actions such as mergers, de-mergers, splits and bonus in accordance with income tax rules. After automatically performing all your capital gains calculations, MProfit also prepares reports in various formats to help you understand your capital gains.

With the simplicity and accuracy offered by MProfit, it is no surprise that MProfit is the preferred choice for everyone in the Indian investing community including Investors, Financial Advisors, Family Offices and Chartered Accountants.

Examples of the capital gains reports provided by MProfit include:
1. Summary reports (with period-wise computation for advance tax calculation)
2. Detailed transaction-wise reports
3. Debt mutual funds reports with and without indexation

MProfit further helps you understand your capital gains right before you sell your stock or mutual fund units by providing the following information:
1. Computation of unrealized capital gains
2. Holding reports (displays the number of days of your holdings from the purchase dates)

Below are several posts that explain in detail how MProfit handles capital gains calculations. Click the links below to know more:

Capital Gain Calculations for Shares (Stocks)
Capital Gain Calculations for Mutual Funds (MF)
A video tutorial on Capital Gains Reports

Also, if you don’t find your broker’s name in our list, do let us know at support@mprofit.in and we’ll make sure we add import support for your broker’s digital contract notes.

Download a free version by clicking the link here.


  1. jayakrishnan menon says:

    I need to find the amount of capital gains tax relief bonds when selling a flat

  2. j n maurya says:

    pl tell calculation of capital gain tax from  huose  purchased in 2003 for 2.5 lac and sold in 2017 fr 17 lacs

  3. Please consult your CA as this requires professional answer

  4. If you sell this house in FY 16-17 (before March, 17), the cost of your house after indexation is 2,99,520.77 and long term capital gain will be 17,00,000 – 2,99,520.77 = 14,00,479.23 and you will have to pay 20% tax equal to Rs. 2,80,096/- Please consult your CA for the final confirmation

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