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“Bypass the Bypass Surgery” By Dr.Ghare, Cardoilogist”

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“Bypass  the   Bypass  surgery ”  By  Cardiologist  Dr. Ghare*


Two things are full of benefits for the human being, Lukewarm Water & Pomegranate.

I   prepared   a   decoction   boiling   a   fistful   of   dried   seeds   of Pomegranate   in   half   litre   of   water   for  10   minutes ,  strained the   decoction   and   advised   those   patients   suffering  from  painful Angina   to   drink   a   glass   of   lukewarm   decoction   on   empty stomach   early   mornings .

Amazing   result   was   observed , _ the   decoction   of   dried pomegranate   seeds   worked   like   a   magic  ,  the  feelings  of tightness   and   heaviness   of   chest   and   the   pain   were   relieved._       

 It   encouraged   me   to   try   more   experiments   on   various   types of   cardiac   patients  .   So   I   experimented   on   patients   who   were suffering   from   painful   Angina  ,  Coronary   Arterial   Blockage  , Cardiac   Ischemia   (insufficient   blood   flow   to   the   heart   muscle) etc ,   who   were   waiting   for   bypass   surgery .

_Drinking   lukewarm   decoction   on   empty   stomach   in   the morning   provided   quick   relief   in   all   symptoms   including painful   condition. _

In   another   case   of   Coronary   Arterial   Blockage   the   patient   was   given   half   glass   of   fresh   pomegranate   juice   everyday      for   one   year  ,   although   all   symptoms   were   completely   relieved   within   a   few   weeks   but   they   continued   taking   it      for   a   whole   year  .

This   completely   reversed   the   plaque   build-up   and   unblocked arteries   to   normal  ,   the   angiography   report   confirmed   the evidence .

Thus   decoction   of   dried   pomegranate   seeds  ,  fresh   pomegranate   juice   or   eating   a   whole   pomegranate   on        empty   stomach   in   the   morning   proved   to   be   a   miracle     cure   for   cardiac   patients  .  But _the   lukewarm   dried   seeds decoction   proved   to   be   more   effective _ compared   to   eating      a   whole   pomegranate   or   fresh   pomegranate   juice .

_Consuming   pomegranate   has   demonstrated   even   more   dramatic   effects   as   blood   thinner  ,   pain   killing   properties       for   cardiac   patients  ,  lowers   LDL  ( low   density  lipoprotein   or bad   cholesterol  )   and   raises   the   HDL  ( high  densit y   lipoprotein   or   good   cholesterol  )._

There   are   more   than   50   different   types   of   heart   diseases   and   the   most   common   being   Coronary   Artery   Disease   (CAD), which   is   the   number   one   killer   of   both   women   and   men   in many   countries  ,   and   there   has   been   no   medicinal   cure   for  this   disease.

Many   cardiac   patients   have   reversed   their   heart   diseases   by drinking   one   glass   of   lukewarm   decoction   of   pomegranate dried   seeds  ,   half   glass   of   fresh   pomegranate   juice   or   eating a   whole   pomegranate   on   empty   stomach   in   the   morning .

It   was   the   very   first   real   break  through   in   the   history   of cardiology   to   successfully   treat   the   cardiac   diseases   by   a   fruit..

It   is   regretted   to   say   that   treating   the   heart   patients   and bypass   surgery   has   become   far   more   profitable   business   around   the   world  .

*A   regular   use   of   pomegranate   in   any   way   ensures   a   healthy cardiac   life  ,   thinning   your   blood  ,   dissolving   the   blood   clots and   obstruction   inside   the   coronary   arteries  ,   maintains   an optimal   blood   flow  ,   supports   a   healthy   blood   pressure  , prevents   and   reverses   atherosclerosis   (  Thickening   of   the internal   lining   of   the   blood   vessels  ).*

From   these   experience   and   observations   in   last   several   years  , I   can   say  :
_“A   Pomegranate   a   day   keeps   the   Cardiologist   away  ”._

You   can   try   and   see   the   wonder   work ….
From   today   let   us   try   and   see…. ??????

*You   can   also   explore   further   about   this   on   Google  …. You will    get   a   lot   of   other   information   about   this … * ???

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